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woodenboxlwp.co is #1 website that provide android live wallpaper for download outside of playstore. Live wallpaper or an LWP is an animated screen background that visible on android operating system of your smartphone. Moving backgrounds provide an aliveness that appeals to many people.

Introduced in Android 2.1, this is a function that provided users with richer, animated and interactive backgrounds (called live wallpaper) compared to previous versions of the Android mobile operating system that used more traditional and static wallpapers. Android live wallpapers work similar to an Android mobile app because it can access functions of the platform such as OpenGL, GPS, network access and so on. Live wallpapers are designed to offer a better user experience.
You need to click the BIG "DOWNLOAD" button on the page of each live wallpaper.
After you click the download button you will be taken to a page where you need to finish a certain action such as :
a. Installing app or
b. Completing survey or
c. Inputing your pin / phone number or
d. Finishing any offer you like that appear on screen.
After you finish the action you will get the live wallpaper APK directly to your phone
After you downloaded the apk files from us, basically you need to allow installation from “Unknown sources”.

On Android before Oreo (8.0)
On most Android phones, you should pull down the notification shade and tap the gear icon to enter Settings, then find Security and scroll down to Unknown sources. Tap to toggle on Allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store and tap OK in the box that pops up. other might be slightly different READ HERE HOW : https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-manually-install-side-load-apps-on-your-android-device/

On Android starting oreo (8.0) and further
Starting from oreo 8.0 each unknown app will be treated individually and need to be asked and allow each time you install unknown apk such as the live wallpaper apk from this website. this is due to android oreo way of handling security. READ HERE HOW : https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/sideload-apps-android-8-0-oreo-now-unknown-sources-is-gone-0184399/
We have been producing live wallpaper application since 2012 and its been a passion for our team, but keeping this passion project alive is very hard and costly. After being in this business for so long we have decided that locking our LWP using offer is a great way to support this project alive for long term.
Please kindly understand our situation.

Thank you so much
- We do have some live wallpaper on playstore but we are starting to put all of our new live wallpaper only in this website, and no where else.

- All of our LWP on playstore are old version, unoptimized, outdated engine and no longer maintained

- All LWP in this website are using HD resolution and the engine has been optimized so the animation look very smooth. with small APK file size (10MB only), without annoying ads inside of the app, and also optimized for latest 18:9 screen trend
All of image used to created live wallpaper in this website has been freely available from the internet according to "Fair Use Act". So we basically created an original derivative work from freely available image. But we understand if you are not consent with your image being used to make live wallpaper.

please contact us Here

We will remove the issued wallpaper immediately
Yes, you can try to request and LWP from HERE

Please note that, not all request can be fulfilled nor do we have any obligation to do all of the request coming in. and we will do the live wallpaper according to our production style, which might or might not suitable to what you had in mind.
To get notified about each new live wallpaper please kindly Allow (opt-in) push notification from us by using Bell icon on the left bottom, or by clicking allow when asked
You can download all of static image wallpaper in this website by clicking small "download non lwp" button on the page of each live wallpaper. but this is basically just downloading the original image jpeg/png and just served as usual static background.

to enjoy live wallpaper you still need an android smartphone, please go buy it, it is dirt cheap smartphone