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Reasons To Grow A Mustache, Powerful Men Have Mustaches, Think of all the powerful men who have had powerful mustaches. Would you even recognize Teddy Roosevelt or Burt Reynolds without their bushy flavor savors? Less Shaving, Shaving sucks. Women shave. Every morning we men stumble out of bed, bleary-eyed and mushy-minded and use five-bladed razors on our faces and necks because that’s what society wants us to do. It takes a lot of time, translating to less time in bed and more time on cold tile floors, and is also, in the long run, pretty expensive. Growing out a mustache s you from a small amount of the horrible shaving habit each day, which eventually can really add up.

Get Noticed, Sure, chicks say that they don’t like guys with facial hair, but they also say that they’re looking for a nice, funny guy, and then go home with some douchebag who treats them like garbage, he bottom line is, biologically, women are attracted to men who appear like they can protect them. Growing a burly mustache shows that you have enough testosterone flowing through your veins to intimidate a grizzly bear. Because You Can, Others aren’t so lucky. If you can grow a lush, full mustache, you owe it to those who wish they could but can’t.

Unless and until triggered by hormonal imbalance, men have mustache and beard, and women have clean face. Of course, some women have fine fur around the jaws and over the upper lip, however, this facial hair can be distinguished from mustache and beard. Men use razor, electric or manual, to remove their facial hair, and women use different depilation techniques such as waxing, threading, hair removing cream, electrolysis etc. to remove their facial hair, if they have any.

Mustache and beard normally begin to grow in males during their initial puberty period, and develops in the puberty stage that is between 11 and 21 years of age. Depending on genetic conditions and environment, the process of facial hair growth may vary in individuals. Male facial hair growth is triggered by testosterone, a strong androgenic hormone produced by the testes. The amount of testosterone hormone in a man’s body is responsible for quality of facial hair, normally more testosterone hormone means more facial hair in a man.

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