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The U.S. Navy Nimitz-class aircraft carriers are among the largest ships in the world (SF Fig. 2.4). Each ship is over 75 meters (m) at its widest point and is over 325 m long. A Nimitz-class carrier turned up on its stern, or back end, would be taller than the Eiffel Tower! military aircraft wallpaper. These ships are so large, they contain shopping malls for the crewmembers living aboard. military aircraft wallpaper. Even more impressive, a Nimitz-class carrier weighs about 99,000,000 kilograms (99,000 metric tons), but is able to float on water! the aircraft carrier is able to float on water because the bottom of the ship, the hull, is designed to displace a large amount of water. The volume of water that the ship displaces weighs more than the weight of the entire ship. The buoyant force of the water is greater than the gravitational force of the aircraft carrier.

All boats can float, but floating is more complex and confusing than it sounds and it’s best discussed through a scientific concept called buoyancy, which is the force that causes floating. military aircraft wallpaper. Any object will either float or sink in water depending on its density (how much a certain volume of it weighs). If it’s more dense than water, it will usually sink; if it’s less dense, it will float. It doesn’t matter how big or small the object is: a gold ring will sink in water, while a piece of plastic as big as a football field will float. military aircraft wallpaper. The basic rule is that an object will sink if it weighs more than exactly the same volume of water. But that doesn’t really explain why an aircraft carrier (made from dense metal) can float, so let’s explore a bit further.


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