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As budget cuts continue to put pressure on the US military to spend less, each military branch is making substantial cuts to personnel. And the Air Force is not immune. Airmen are being given options for early discharges and enlistment bonuses have been cut, decreasing the incentives for Airmen to reenlist. military wallpaper live. However, even with these cuts there is still a need for new Airmen to join the Air Force. With fewer positions available, the competition is increasing. If you have a desire to join the Air Force, you will need to prepare yourself more so than ever before. Here are six areas to be ready for.

Along the road of enlistment, there are many steps at which you can be deemed unfit for service. The first of these is during your initial meeting with a recruiter. The job of the recruiter is to recruit people who are most likely to complete all training requirements. Once you have completed the initial paperwork with the recruiter, you will most likely head to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). military wallpaper live. This is when many people have been washed out of the enlistment process. Because of the spending cutbacks, minor medical conditions that have been waived in the past are now preventing people from enlisting. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about previous medical conditions. military wallpaper live. Remember, it is important to disclose all medical history. By not disclosing a medical condition, you are sure to be washed out of the enlistment process when it is discovered.

In addition to your medical qualifications, you will also be tested on your mental aptitude during your MEPS visit. military wallpaper live. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a test that ranks your ability and qualification for specific jobs, as well as your ability to join the Air Force all together. Follow these steps in order to be prepared and score as high as you possibly can. A third qualifying factor that MEPS personnel will look at is your criminal background. Again, remember to disclose any and all criminal history or traffic infractions. And of course do everything in your power to stay out of trouble before your ship out date.

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