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At the outbreak of World War I, navies struggled how to conceal their ships on the open seas. Painting vessels grey helped reduce visibility, navy seals wallpapers, but it was difficult to consistently blend with ever-changing environments and weather conditions. navy seals wallpapers. Prominent trails of smoke and wake also left ships vulnerable to being identified by enemies. In 1917, the British Royal Navy pioneered the “Dazzle” camouflage paint scheme which often consisted of bold stripes and bright colors. The patterns were not intended to hide the ship, but rather to disrupt the outline so that size, range, speed and heading would be difficult to determine – preventing the enemy from accurately targeting the vessel.

The United States was one of several nations to adopt the practice and experiment with different patterns through the end of World War II. “Dazzle” schemes largely faded from use because there was no clear evidence of their effectiveness, especially against technological advances in radar and rangefinders. “Dazzle” was however credited with boosting morale of crews who took pride in the unique and intimidating appearance of their ship. Because at sea the horizen is 30 miles out and in contrast to the blue sea and the blue sky is a thin strip of haze grey. navy seals wallpapers. So when outside of 30 miles whether you are a fishing boat or a carrier you will blend in to the horizon. And probably also by the fact that the only natural screen at sea is fog which is always grey, so why not match it just in case. Haze grey and underway. navy seals wallpapers. Thats why “Old Salts” say “If you cut me all your gonna get is haze grey and salt water”


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