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this application is a live wallpaper of akita wallpapers

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in japan, the akita is one of the oldest recognised dog breeds in the world, and its history encompasses a long relationship with humans, and undertaking various different working roles including tracking and hunting large game, guarding roles, and home protection. the japanese akita is a large dog breed from the spitz grouping, which originates, as the name suggests. but efforts to revive the breed were largely successful, and today, the japanese akita is well known both in its home country and across the world. the breed almost died out entirely during world war two.

due to their famous reputation for loyalty and bonding strongly with their families, and their large, impressive appearance, many people desire to keep an akita as a family pet, both within the uk and further afield. the japanese akita is renowned for being a very territorial dog, and will view their home, garden and other areas they visit regularly as part of their territory, and may be very defensive about them with strangers. however, it is fair to say that the akita is a challenging dog gender to keep in terms of its training, management and temperament, and the decision to buy an akita should not be entered into lightly. within the uk, the japanese akita is listed as one of the breeds of dog lovers most likely to be surrendered to rehoming shelters due to their owners not being able to manage them, so fully researching the breed prior to deciding that the akita is right for you as breeders and pet loversis vitally important.

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