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Behold the grizzly bear standing live wallpaper on your android screen. download grizzly bear standing for your android phone, now. as strongest anima the grizzly bear is any north american subspecies of the brown bear, such as the mainland grizzly ,the kodiak and the peninsular grizzly and the recently extinct california grizzly. specialists sometimes call the grizzly the north american brown bear because the grizzly and the brown bear are one species on two continents. in some places, some may nickname the grizzly the silvertip for the silvery, grizzly sheen in its fur. baby bear called cub. by the time hibernation has ended the cubs are bigger and full of energy.

bear cubs are really playful. play fighting is very important for young bears because it teaches them to protect themselves from fierce enemies and helps them get stronger. but if things get too rough, mama bear attack will discipline them by swatting them with her paw, ouch. being a cub is not all fun and games. they are expected to follow their mother and learn how to find food or hunt. it’s kind of like school and will help them to survive on their own. cubs usually stay with their mothers until they are between one and a half and two years of age. their mother will send them off on their own before she will mate again. hunting for grizzly bears is unethical. We also have live wallpaper of pictures of grizzly bears for you.

just like farm bear, this siblings that have left their mothers may stay together for another year for protection female grizzlies are fiercely protective of their cubs, being able to fend off predators as large as male bears bigger than they are in defense of the cubs. cubs feed entirely on their mother’s milk until summer comes, after which they still drink milk but begin to eat solid foods. by the time the cubs toddle out of the den at too to 3 months of age, they weigh for to 6 pounds, depending on how much milk their mother produced and how many litter mates they shared it with. the better developed cubs cab immediately climb trees but cannot outrun wolves or other bears.

their mother defends them, warms them, and nurses them, sometimes sitting and cradling them in her forelegs while licking their heads and nursing them. foraging mothers come immediately when their cubs cry. if need be, a mother will carry a cub in her mouth to a new location or will gently grasp a crying cub in her mouth to help is down from a tree. retina wallpapers. spanking cubs toward trees in time of danger is uncommon. cubs taste what their mothers eat in the month after emerging from dens, but they do not begin eating solid food until their chewing teeth erupt later in spring. they continue to suckle nearly until they hibernate in fall. father bears do not help in raising the cubs and would probably be more competition than help if they tried.

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