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Have you ever seen Bigfoot in the wild? Many people swear that they’ve seen the tall, hairy, ape-like creature moseying through the deep woods. Often known by another nickname, Sasquatch, Bigfoot is alleged to be a huge, hairy mixture of ape and human that walks on two legs like a man. Some believe that there is an entire species of these creatures, which would mean that there are Bigfeet roaming the deep, dark forests of the world. Certain areas seem to accumulate more alleged Bigfoot sightings than others.

For example, the Pacific Northwest, Kentucky, and West Virginia in the United States seem to be fertile grounds for alleged Bigfoot encounters. Some people claim to have seen an Arctic version of Bigfoot, sometimes known as the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, in places like the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet or the Arctic regions of Alaska and Canada. Whether you watch modern reality television shows or surf the Internet for information, there’s no shortage of stories about Bigfoot out there. But are any of them true? Is there actually any proof that Bigfoot is real and roaming the forests? The overwhelming majority of scientists will tell you that Bigfoot does not exist. Most scientists think Bigfoot is nothing more than a myth and a legend perpetuated by tall tales, mistakes, and hoaxes.

Perhaps the biggest factor in their conclusion is the complete lack of physical evidence of the creature. Although people repeatedly make claims to have found physical proof of Bigfoot’s existence, such “evidence” repeatedly fails to prove anything…other than another hoax or misidentification has taken place.


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