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this application is a live wallpaper of chihuahua backgrounds

set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone. downloads chihuahua backgrounds from our store page. we have the best collection of chihuahua wallpapers. you can also download other live wallpaper in case you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, we had a vast lwp collection for your smart phone so, check the breathtaking image for your smartphone background, and you will fall in love with your mobile phone again because of chihuahua wallpapers. enjoy pictures of chihuahuas. this app contain dogs wallpapers and chihuahua photo.

the chihuahua may have originated from the fennec fox, a very small animal with big eyes and ears. modern chihuahuas are also found in a myriad of colors. it was the first breed registered by the american kennel club and consistently ranks in the top 15 breeds in popularity in the us. the techichi, a companion of the ancient toltecs, is believed to be the ancestor of the chihuahua. unlike poodle today’s chihuahua, the smallest dog size breed in the world, is much smaller than its predecessor. no records of the techichi are, so far, available prior to the 9th century. a historical letter written by columbus to the king of spain makes reference to the tiny dog. dogs very similar to the cute chihuahua wallpapers were found in the pyramids of cholula, predating 1530 and in the ruins of chichen itza on the yucatan peninsula.

the chihuahua’s rescue puppy origin, therefore, was present-day mexico. however, the breed may have traveled to europe with christopher columbus. perhaps the chinese crested, brought from asia to alaska across the bering strait, was responsible for the reduction in size. this would explain the tiny frame, luminous eyes and large ears. by the mid-1800s, the breed had traveled to the united states from various european countries and from mexico. the breed’s name comes from the mexican state of chihuahua, where the earliest specimens of the breed were found.

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