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Ancient myths often tell of beings made out of several creatures joined together in a single one: a human head on a lion body makes a sphinx, on a bird’s torso a siren, and on that of a fish a mermaid. fantasy wallpapers. Some of these beings are true races, as the centaurs (half man and half horse), the harpies (another kind of woman/bird mixture), and the satyrs (men with goat’s legs). Others come as one of a kind, as the Minotaur (half man and half bull), Echidna (half woman and half snake), and the Chimaera (or Chimera), this time a mixture of lion, goat, and snake.

For us, the richness of this ancient Pantheon is at most a matter of curiosity, out of which it is hard to make much sense. The myth of the Chimera seems to be a particularly baffling one. fantasy wallpapers. Surely, it is a spectacular story of the battle of a flying hero against a fire breathing monster, but can it be that all this sound and fury signifies nothing but the slaying of an ugly beast? We can say that this is one of the first versions (perhaps the first) of the story of the hero and the dragon, a story pervasively embedded in western thought, repeated over and over in thousands of versions. But, in itself, the story of the Chimera can hardly be the ultimate origin of the myth of the Dragon.

It is, rather, a version of some much more ancient myth, one that found its way in the stories told by Homer and Hesiod, and as such it was commented upon, illustrated in paintings and sculptures, and finally transmitted to us. fantasy wallpapers. But this story, as most ancient myths, is clearly a mixture of other stories and ideas, older myths, some perhaps going far backward, to when humankind still could not record thoughts in any other way than in story telling. fantasy wallpapers. Making sense of this mixture and finding the true origins of the myth of the Chimaera is not an easy task, but we can try.


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