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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of cool dragon wallpapers
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Downloads cool dragon wallpapers from our store page. We have the best collection of cool dragon wallpapers. You can also download other live wallpaper in case you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, we had a vast lwp collection.

That dragons are seriously cool is, of course, a given among all right-thinking people readers of fantasy. But what is it about dragons that makes them so much more fascinating than other monsters? Perhaps it’s obvious: huge predator, massive as Tyrannasaurus Rex, lithe as a tiger, magically enhanced weaponry, such as poison and fire, flight, what every person dreams of and what every prey creature fears. fantasy dragon wallpaper. Now add to that awesome physique sentience and Voila! You get the coolest fantasy creature ever. Now your dragon, if it be wicked, requires more than brute strength to vanquish.

There must be wit to match the dragon’s guile, wisdom to match the ancient knowledge of a creature that learns for centuries. There must be psychological strength to withstand the cruel taunts of a monster that understands how to play on our emotions and fears. fantasy dragon wallpaper. There must be creativity to discover the hidden weakness of a predator too perfectly designed to be conquered by the mere physical strength of any puny human. Now that’s just the thing for a ripping good tale!

Sentience, however, shifts the dynamic between dragons and humans in one more way. fantasy dragon wallpaper. It holds open the possibility of understanding, the possibility of alliance. This is the most recent development in fantasy (especially Western fantasy): good dragons. Personally, I don’t care so much for cute, friendly dragons. We have unicorns for that. A truly cool dragon requires some high stakes uncertainty: the possibility of painful annihilation balanced with the possibility of earning that Top Predator as an ally, or even a friend. fantasy dragon wallpaper. This combination pushes every Cool Fantasy Creature button there is awesome powers and keen intelligence, animals that can talk and animals that might even let you ride them flying, no less!


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