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this application is a live wallpaper of french mastiff wallpaper

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the french mastiff, also known as the dogue de bordeaux, looks quite intimidating, and he really can be if circumstances call for it. that’s definitely a quality you want in such a powerful canine. these dogs have a rectangular appearance with deep chests that extend down half of their height. the french mastiff may look like a menacing mass of wrinkles and drooling jowls, but there’s far more to this dog than meets the eye. in fact, owners describe these dogs as real sweethearts. they are extremely loyal to their people, and they’ll do their best to protect them from danger. even so, the hallmark of this breed is their calm and dependable nature. that doesn’t mean they’re pushovers, though.

the foundation of the breed was rebuilt in 1960 by a group of french breeders or dog lovers headed by raymond triquet. white markings are allowed on the chest. the bone structure is heavy and broad. the forehead is heavily wrinkled. the front legs are heavy and straight. the skin is thick and loose around the neck area. the coat is short and smooth, and comes in many shades of fawn. the tail is long, thick at the base and tapers at the end. the breeding is a success, the head is large and broad, has a short muzzle, small drop ears, large brown eyes, and an undershot jaw. it has a body that’s slightly longer than it is tall. the dogue de bordeaux should always have a black or red mask that can be distinguished from the rest of the coat around the nose, including the lips and eye rims.

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