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this application is a live wallpaper of kangaroo wallpapers

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in a huge country such as australia, the ability to cross vast distances in search of food and water is key to survival. and one such fun animal that can traverse barren lands at high speed for hours is the kangaroo. capable of an eight-metre single bound across level ground, the red kangaroo is one of the world’s greatest long jumpers. thanks to large feet and strong legs, it can also travel at over 50 kilometres (30 miles) per hour. while a boxer kangaroo’s hind legs are big and powerful, they can’t work independently of each other and so kangaroos have to hop on two feet.

unlike opossum, the hind leg tendons are strong and elastic and, with every hop, elastic energy is recaptured in the tendons ready for the next jump. to help the bounce, kangaroos use their tails as a counterbalance. it propels the animal in a similar way to using your legs on a swing to gain momentum. when the kangaroo’s back legs are fully outstretched behind it the tail is in the downward position, and when the legs are pushing forwards the tail is high in the air. kangaroos have pouches, kangaroos give birth to tiny baby joeys that must continue to grow inside the pouch for around ten months after birth. kangaroos have short arms, though the forearms are much shorter than the hind legs, a kangaroo can walk not hop on all fours if it leans forward and uses its tail as a fifth leg to take some of the weight. kangaroos have big feet, a kangaroo’s big toes are in the centre of the other toes not to one side like ours in line with their leg bones, which enables them to push off with force.


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