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Witness kitten gif live wallpaper on your android screen. download this kitten gif live wallpaper for your android phone now. the socialization period occurs during the early weeks of a cat’s life. during this period, he learns how to interact appropriately with other cats, people and other animals. through numerous experiences with the world around him, live wallpaper, lwp, he also gets used to all of the sights, sounds and smells he’ll encounter as an adult. kittens, like most young animals, can do this very easily—until they reach a certain age. when they reach the end of the socialization period, they’re naturally wired to become much more suspicious of things they haven’t yet experienced.

this age-specific natural development serves an important purpose. the open, fearless nature of a young kitten during the socialization period allows him to become comfortable with all of the everyday things that will be part of his adult life. the suspiciousness that begins after the socialization period ensures that he’ll react with a healthy dose of caution to new things in his environment that could be dangerous, like potential predators. this is indeed cute pet and cool cat app.

if you have a young kitten, it’s your job to take advantage of the sensitive socialization period by helping him learn to be comfortable as a companion animal living in a human world—a world that includes many different types of people, environments, sights, noises, smells, sensations, cats and other animals. a funny kitten is most receptive to socialization between two and seven weeks of age. if he’s handled by people, enjoys lots of pleasant interaction with other pets and has many new experiences during this period, he’s more likely to remain friendly toward humans and other animals as he matures—and he’ll be less stressed by new experiences as well. retina wallpapers.

if, on the other hand, a pretty kitty has no social contact with people by seven to nine weeks of age, he may fear humans for the rest of his life. attempting to tame a wild-born, unsocialized adult cat photos can be as difficult as working with any other wild animal. while many former feral cats can, over months or years, become more tolerant of a familiar person, most will never be very sociable. please see our article on stray and feral cats for more information about what to expect of unsocialized cats and kittens. their meow is irresistible. get this baby cat wallpaper and cute kitty lwp now.

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