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Witness koi pond live wallpaper on your android screen. download this for your android phone now. today, koi fish are kept mainly in landscaped ponds and large aquariums for their pure aesthetic appeal. swimming fish background, coy pond, colorful, koi, this was not always the case however. in their early days, koi were simply bred for food. lwp, live wallpaper. various koi experts have said that koi came from parts of eastern europe, eastern asia and china around 2,500 years ago. fish, plants, pond, water, photo, koi actually means carp in japanese and there are a lot of varieties of carp so that is probably why there was a lot of confusion and non specifics surrounding its early history.

however, the carp we know today as koi diving fish are actually nishikigoi living jewels or brocaded carp. this is the variety of carp fishing which possess those beautiful colors and patterns we have grown to love. wallpaper, live background, personalization, although the koi may not have originated from japan, it was the japanese who took the nishikigoi and fine tuned the art of breeding them to their stunning color mutations you see today. this is indeed live wallpaper fish pond and koi pond picture. you might want to save the fish this time.

chinese rice farmers originally bred koi as fish food around the 17th century. they were brought to japan, also to be used as fish food, by japanese rice farmers in niigata prefecture. around the 1820s and 1830s, the japanese began to breed koi as aquatic animals for their aesthetic appeal. some farmers brought the koi back to the ponds in their garden. this is how koi started to become ornamental fish live for ponds. from the 1920s to the 1980s, koi development took a incredible leap forward. koi did not only become a huge hobby, it became a lucrative business. more varieties were bred, some ‘one-time hits’ were created which were never to be seen again while others become firm favorites. retina wallpapers.

the kohaku (white body, red patterns), the sanke (white body, red and black patterns) and the showa (jet black base with white and red markings) are known as gosanke or three families. in the us and europe, they are often called the big three. overall, there are 15 different types of koi, as differentiated by colors and size, in the standard classification. if you are keeping koi as a hobby, a good place to start is to familiarize yourself with the 15 different types and think about the ones you enjoy looking at the most. get this fish pond live wallpaper and fish live wallpaper water now.

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