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Lazy lion is an lwp for your phone.
Download this lazy lion live wallpaper for your android phone now.

Download Lion HD Live Wallpaper from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of lion backgrounds. In case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution lion backgrounds which will best fit your screen. this lwp depict a picture of moving lion wallpapers, very cool king of the jungle.

backgrounds lions. Lion is known to be the King of Beasts (“king of the jungle” would be a misnomer) across most cultures of the world. This is mostly because of a lion’s appearance and partly because of the social structure of a pride and the lion’s role in the pride. A lion does possess a royal look and attitude. lion backgrounds. Add to that a tremendous roar that can be heard over miles across the Savannah. Also, living in a pride, a lion doesn’t need to hide itself or avoid any other animals including human beings. A moving lion wallpapers lives in the open and controls its territory like a true king, sporting a ‘kingly’ mane and heading a pride that feeds him.

moving lion wallpapers. From the ancient Greeks (“lions’ reputation for kindness and magnanimity was extended by Pliny and Aristotle”, Page 286, Ref. 28 ) to the present day Europeans and inhabitants of New World, the lion is a more familiar animal than the tiger. moving lion wallpapers. Being confined within the limits of Asia didn’t do the tiger any favor in spreading its word out whereas the lion gained familiarity to far-off places through the colonial powers. moving lion wallpapers. Also, a wildlife tourist paying a fortune for a tour would rather prefer to see a whole pride of wild cats that can be spotted easily and observed for a long a time, than catching a glimpse of an elusive cat for half a minute after waiting for two days. we also have golden lion image ready as lwp for you.

All predators expend only as much energy as is necessary to capture prey, defend territory (if territorial), mate and raise the next generation. To do otherwise leads to extinction. If lions seem ‘lazy lion’, they are only as ‘lazy’ as leopards, peregrines, anteaters or crocodiles amongst others. Only humans can be deemed ‘lazy’ because, in the ‘first world’ at least, the availability of food far outstrips the energy resource required to ‘catch it’ and so, remarkably, we over-consume (or some of us do) because we can; we know, for the most part, where the next meal is coming from.

Lions are even not to be considered lazy in general, they are just trying to preserve their strength. In a way you can compare it to a workforce with a supervisor. You might think that the workforce is doing the lion’s share of the work (pun intended) but the supervisor provides for coherence and leadership. The primary evolutionary function of a male lion within a pride is to protect the pride with his leadership and prevent it being taken over by other male lazy lion or attacked by other carnivores.

I say evolutionary, because this is probably why manes were developed in this species, they provide for visual dominance. You may be referring to male lions, who do relatively little hunting. Male lions will assist in hunting large prey but their primary role is to defend the pride from intruders. They rest when not doing that or eating or mating. Lions are animals. They don’t have human views about equal division of labour or “lazy lion “. They just do what lions do.

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