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Asiatic lions (smaller than African lions) and tigers both occur in India. Although their ranges no longer overlap, they did once and therefore this was a very real scenario a long time ago tiger versus lion. pictures of lions. I am going to specifically answer this in terms of one male tiger going up against one male lion. Although female lions hunt as prides, male lions spend most of their lives alone. They are forced out of the pride when they reach around two years. If they manage to take over a pride of their own they will usually only manage to keep it for a couple of years. During the time they have a pride they will spend most of their time fighting off potential usurpers.

When they do not have a pride they frequently fight with other solitary males that they bump into and of course pride males in their attempts to take control of a pride. So, a male lion spends his life fighting. In fact they spend so much time fighting and not eating properly and stressed out that they only live to about ten years old while females usually live to about fifteen. pictures of lions. The reason a male lion has a mane is for defense in fighting. They fight like wrestlers, facing off, gripping each other and trying to overpower each other.

I have watched them fighting many times and have come across two dead males over the years. Both had been bitten through the spine. From what I have read, this is pretty much the norm. So, the mane is a pretty effective defense in a cat-fight. To get round it requires some serious dominance in the fight as it means out wrestling the opponent to the point of being able to bite them through the spine. pictures of lions. Tigers do not have this defense. They do not have it because they rarely fight. However, a tiger in a zoo will more likely kill a lion because if the tiger doesn’t back down the inexperienced captive-bred lion is quite outclassed. pictures of lions. Still, although a lion is more likely to die in a fight it is also very likely that male tigers would submit if it got serious and the tiger realised it was dealing with a maniac who was willing to die to win

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