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Witness peacock images live wallpapers on your android screen. download this peacock images live wallpaper for your android phone now. the peacock (also known as peafowl) is a medium sized exotic birds most closely related to the pheasant. lwp, live wallpaper, unlike it’s common pheasant cousin that inhabits areas of the northern hemisphere, the peacock is found in warmer climate of the southern hemisphere, with the peacock being most commonly found in india. there are three main types of peacock, the african congo peacock, the indian peacock and the green peacock all of which are thought to have originated in asia but are today found in africa and parts of australia.

all of the three different species of peacock are knwon for their elaborate male peacocks and dull, brown female peacocks (in comparison to the males). the male peacock is most well known for it’s enormous tail feathers that fan out behind the peacock and can be nearly two meters in length. this colourful display of the peacock is thought to be used for both mating and defence purposes. the male peacock attracts a female to mate with by showing off his array of elaborate feathers, and when the male peacock feels threatened, he will fan his tail out in order to make himself look bigger and therefore try to intimidate approaching predators. this is indeed memory birds and beautiful live wallpaper.

the peacock is an omnivorous bird and feeds on insects, plants, seeds, and flower heads. peacocks have also been known to munch on small mammals and reptiles in order to supplement their diet and pigment, which ensures that they are getting the right nutrients. peacocks have a number of natural predators in the wild that include wild dogs and cats, medium sized mammals such as raccoons and even tigers have been known to hunt peacocks. peacock images. peacocks commonly get to about 20 years old, although some peacock individuals have been known to get to older ages particularly those peacock individuals that are in captivity. we also have other peacock photo ready as live wallpaper for you.

generally, the peacock populations are not under great threat although the green peacock, is listed as being vulnerable to extinction mainly due to hunting and habitat loss. male peacocks are known as peacocks and female peacocks are known as peahens (in a similar way to chickens and pheasants). the male is peacock is generally about twice the size of the female peahen, and even larger when the male peacock is displaying his plumage (feathers). when the male peacock does not have his brightly coloured and very elaborate tail falling feathers or feather on display, they drag behind him. this is known as a tail or a train. get this peacock wallpaper and love birdies now.

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