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This is a live wallpaper of pigeon photos.
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Pigeons have lived alongside man for thousands of years with the first images of pigeons being found by archaeologists in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and dating back to 3000BC. Urban flock of pigeons. It was the Sumerians in Mesopotamia that first started to breed white doves from the wild pigeon that we see in our towns and cities today and this undoubtedly accounts, certainly in part, for the amazing variety of colours that are commonly found in the average flock of urban pigeons. white pigeon live wallpaper.

To ancient peoples a white pigeon would have seemed miraculous and this explains why the bird was widely worshiped and considered to be sacred. Throughout human history the pigeon dove has adopted many roles ranging from symbols of gods and goddesses through to sacrificial victims, messengers, pets, food and even war heroes!

In modern times the pigeon, dove has been used to great effect during wartime. In both the First and Second World Wars the pigeon saved hundreds of thousands of human lives by carrying messages across enemy lines. Pigeons were carried on ships in convoys and in the event of a U-boat attack a messenger pigeon was released with details of the location of the sinking ship. In many cases this led to survivors being rescued and lives saved. In the First World War mobile pigeon lofts were set up behind the trenches from which pigeons often had to fly through enemy fire and poison gas to get their messages home.

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The dove birds also played a vital role in intelligence gathering and were used extensively behind enemy lines where the survival rate was only 10%. white dove lwp. In the Second World War pigeons were used less due to advances in telecommunications, but the birds still relayed invaluable information back to the allies about the German V1 and V2 Rocket sites on the other side of the English Channel.

The feral pigeon that we see in our towns and cities today is descended from the rock dove (Columba livia), a cliff-dwelling bird historically found in coastal regions. The word ‘pigeon’ is actually derived from the Latin word ‘pipio’, which means ‘young bird’. The word then passed into Old French as ‘pijon’ and thus the English name ‘pigeon’ was derived, which is now used the world over as a common name for the rock dove. Other common names include ‘domestic pigeon’ and the ‘feral pigeon’.

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