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watch the charming brown pitbull dog at your android screen. pit bull lwp is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of breathing brown pitbull photo and flying dog paw which is quite charming and funny, perfect for dogs lover especially pitbull dogs lover such as you. get this live pitbull wallpapers and funny animal pictures now. the term pit bull refers to certain breeds of dogs namely, the american pit bull terrier, the american staffordshire terrier, the staffordshire bull terrier, and any crosses amongst the three. in a few parts of the world, the american bulldog is also classified as a pit bull-type dog, despite its major genetic differences.

the american pit bull terrier was bred for working and eagerness despite the threat of substantive injury, strength, and athleticism. american pit bull terriers constitute the majority of dogs used for illegal war dog fighting in the united states. this is dog breed and pet photos. a pit bull is a general term for the american pit bull terrier or the american staffordshire terrier.

these breeds of dog are stocky, strong, athletic and smart. however, poor training and breeding can lead to a lack of sociability, aggressiveness and fighting with other animals. with discipline and care, you can train a pitbull puppy to ensure it is a gentle companion and family pet. know your breeders. brown pitbull can have wonderful temperaments if they are bred for this quality and not for fighting. keep other cats and dogs in your home. if you want your dog to socialize with animals as well as people, you should raise the puppy with those animals from the beginning.

buy chew toys before you bring the puppy home. your dog names will go through teething, playing, socializing and a lot of learning in the first few months of ownership. don’t bring a pit bull into an inactive home. pit bulls require more exercise and play than many other breeds of dogs. buy a crate for your pit bull. a crate will make it easier to potty train your pit bull and help it feel at home in your house. encourage friends and family to visit the canine puppy regularly between 8 and 12 weeks old. the more people who are introduced to him the better. take your funny dog on frequent trips outside the home.

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