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Witness teacup maltese live wallpaper on your android screen. download this teacup maltese live wallpaper for your android phone now. puppies are cute, rambunctious and adorable. you can pick them up and cuddle with them. raising puppies is similar to raising children in some respects. puppies are babies and like human babies, they need a lot of sleep and will often fall asleep on your lap. live wallpaper, lwp, who can resist their adorable faces, but puppies can also be mischievous, defiant and destructive. they need leadership and guidance. they need to be secure in their new human pack and know the humans are capable of showing authority.

if they do not feel/see this they will not be happy and secure and you just may be raising a dog who thinks he is alpha to humans. instinct tells them there must be a strong leader and they crave and need discipline to feel secure. if you as dog lovers do not provide this structure your puppy will instinctively begin to try and provide it for you. love and affection is enjoyed by the pup and important to the human, but it is not the number one thing this little canine animal that you bought into your human home needs. this is indeed cute dogs and cute puppy wallpapers app.

while your playful pup was still with his mother she gave the pup structure. she placed rules upon him, told him where he was and was not allowed to go and when he was allowed to go there. she told him when he was allowed to eat and how rough he was allowed to play. in return the teacup maltese bonded with her and learned to follower her. the center of the pup’s life was around her and her authority. once a puppy is separated from his canine mother, the humans must take over this role in order to raise the pup into a balanced and well-behaved dog. getting a funny puppy wallpapers is a lot of work and a long-time commitment. retina wallpapers.

teacup maltese puppies not only need leadership, but exercise, visits to the vet, house training, behavior training and socialization. puppies go through a teething stage where they feel the irresistible urge to chew on everything in your house. the cute, cuddly puppy wallpaper for stage does not last long. their size, temperament, activity level and coat all change. puppies grow up very quickly into adult dogs. in between the puppy and adult stages is a rebellious adolescent phase where puppies require almost constant supervision. depending on the breed, by the time puppies are one year old, they are considered adult dogs. some breeds of dogs take longer to mature out of their adolescent phase than others. get this little puppy wallpaper and dog face now.

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