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This beautiful serpent shares our love of sunshine and water, and is a familiar sight to many outdoor adventurers in eastern Australia. Attitudes towards these largely inoffensive snakes are slowly changing, however they are still often seen as a dangerous menace and unjustly persecuted. A medium-sized snake, with a moderate to robust build and head barely distinct from the neck. moving snake wallpaper. Dorsal head and body colour is uniform black, except for the snout which is often pale brown. The lowest lateral scale rows and the outer edge of the ventral scales are bright crimson, fading to duller red, orange or pink in the middle of the belly. In the north of the range the ventral colour may be greyish-pink to white. The underside of the tail is black. Body scales are smooth and glossy. Eyes are medium size and shadowed by an obvious brow-ridge. The iris is very dark, and the pupil is round.

Red-bellied Black Snakes occur disjunctly in northern and central eastern Queensland and then more continuously from southeastern Queensland through eastern New South Wales and Victoria. Another disjunct population occurs at the southern end of the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia. The species does not occur on Kangaroo Island despite assertions to the contrary. moving snake wallpaper. This species is usually associated with moist habitat, primarily streams, swamps and lagoons (although they may also be found well away from such areas), within forests, woodlands and grasslands. They also inhabit disturbed areas and rural properties, and are often encountered around drainage canals and farm dams. The snakes shelter in thick grass clumps, on the logs, mammal burrows and dreys, and under large rocks. moving snake wallpaper. Individual snakes appear to maintain a number of preferred shelter sites within their home range.

Red-bellied Black Snakes feed on a variety of vertebrates including fish and tadpoles, frogs and lizards, snakes (including its own species) and mammals. moving snake wallpaper. They search widely for prey on land and in water, and are known to climb to several metres. When hunting in water the snake may forage with only its head under or submerge itself fully. Prey captured under water may be taken to the surface or else swallowed while still submerged. Snakes have been observed deliberately stirring up underwater sediment as they hunt, presumably to flush out hidden prey.


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