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Feel the shinning of underwater jellyfish pictures creature in your android screen! Underwater Bubble jellyfish pictures is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a gently rising bubble, deep down blue underwater full of jellyfish. Train your hand by tapping the rising bubble and sea dust. A shinning underwater, perfect for an instant stress relief.

Jellyfish have a nifty trick: Out of nowhere one day, they’ll invade a patch of sea, hundreds of millions of them, clogging nets, beaches, even power-plant cooling systems that happen to be nearby. And then, just like that, they’ll disappear again for another few decades.

These cryptic cycles raise a lot of questions. After all, a surge in jellyfish should mean a surge in jellyfish reproduction. So why, as is often the case, do only a few jellyfish turn up the year following a huge bloom? And how do these enormous population explosions happen after decades of dormancy? And, above all, why do jellyfish blooms appear to be getting bigger, more frequent, and more destructive? It turns out that baby jellyfish don’t come from adult jellyfish—or at least, not directly.

The creatures with the blobby bell and tentacles that you see washing up on beaches are in the “medusa” phase, in which jellyfish float around the ocean. But there’s an earlier stage of the jellyfish lifecycle: when they exist as polyps stuck to hard surfaces. This stage is critical to understanding blooms

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