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Witness cute unicorn wallpaper live on your android screen. download this cute unicorn wallpaper live for your android phone now. there are those who might agree with that statement. live wallpaper, lwp, but throughout humankind’s history, the unicorn has always been more than simply an animal with one horn. it is a symbol. a symbol of what well, pretty much every positive virtue really. symbol of harmony and strength, purity and innocence, the symbol of speed and dom, not to mention beauty grace, even magic and wisdom. the unicorn is a legendary creature like a horse, but with a slender, usually spiral, horn growing out of its forehead and then winged thus called flying horse.

the popular image of the unicorn is that of a white stallion differing only in the horn. in medieval lore, the spiraled horn of the unicorns was called the alicorn, and was thought to neutralize poisons. in popular ancient mythology, unicorns were hunted for their horns, which were said to protect one against diseases, or, if made into a cup, would protect on eform any poison that might have been added to one’s drink. this belief is derived from ctesias’ reports on the unicorn in india, where it was used by the rulers of that place for anti-toxin purposes so as to avoid assassination. this is indeed greek gods and greek mythology app.

there are unicorn legends all around the globe. it varies in stature, proportion and ability, and yet many of the legends are linked by common themes. the single, spiral horn; the unicorn’s primacy amongst all creatures; its virtue. for a start, the concept of a unicorn being horse-like in appearance is quite new to us. in history he has appeared as being goat like, deer like, or a horned lion. in the lands of the east he looks almost like a dragon. retina wallpapers. going further back, we see marco polo confusing him with a rhinocerous, and further still, pliny the elder describes a monster with the feet of an elephant and the tail of a boar. we also have kawaii unicorn wallpaper for you.

today we know many variations in the unicorn’s form. he may have cloven or solid hooves. his body may be that of a deer, or a bull, or a goat, or equine. sometimes he has the tail of a horse: at other times that of a lion. he may have the legs of a deer, a horse, or a goat. he may be white in colour, in which case it is a purity of the colour virtually unknown elsewhere, but he may equally well be black, or gold, or indigo, or of many colours. his horn, the alicorn, may be straight, or curved back, spiraled simply as a narwhal’s tooth, or in a more complex goat-like curl. the horns of the chinese and the japanese kirin frequently had several forward-growing tines. whether it is myth or fact remain to be seen. get this unicorn wallpapers and pegasus live wallpaper now.

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