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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of wallpaper gorillas
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So you see, the Gorilla has a lot in common with the Human, more then we would like to admit. monkeys wallpapers. But the really phenomenal and enormous difference between even the STRONGEST Human Beings on the planet and a Gorilla, is the PURE, BRUTE, RAW & TOTAL Strength the Gorilla possesses on a pound for pound basis. It has been said and calculated that a Silverback Gorilla is at least 20 times stronger then 20 Strong men! Now If you would take the STRONGEST men in the world and combine their Strength together against that of a Silverback Gorilla, yeah then you’ll definitely need less men to compare against the Phenomenal Strength the Silverback Gorilla possesses. But not much, as a matter of fact, I think that the Gorilla can easily take 5-8 of the Strongest men in the world on a pound for pound basis, break both their arms & legs in a blink of an eye and rip their heads off in a split second! That is, if you really got him pissed off and angry as hell! Wich would be a very bad idea and I don’t recommend you do that EVER!

Lets look at the simple scientific facts and studies that have been done in the past on Chimpanzees! What you can clearly see and find out about the Strength on a pound for pound basis of Primates, monkeys wallpapers, and especially of the Gorilla, is this: It’s PHENOMENAL & INCREDIBLE! The experiment was conducted in the Bronx in 1924, in that study the Biologist by the name of John Bauman, conducted a study where he compared the Strength of the Chimpanzee on a pound for pound basis to that of a Human Being on a pound for pound basis. Long story short:

Ok, so let’s get back to the Gorilla. monkeys wallpapers. Everybody knows how Phenomenally Strong Gorillas are! As a matter of fact, they’re a lot Stronger on a pound for pound basis then any other Primate out there! They’re the strongest Primate alive today, but also one of the most peaceful ones. You won’t find a Gorilla attacking another animal, unless it absolutely has to or has no choice! But most of the time it’s for self defense & not for attacking, stalking, hunting or killing! It doesn’t do any of that because it’s a vegeterian, That’s right, Let’s blow that myth out of the water right here, right now! You can become VERY STRONG on a Vegetarian diet, I do it myself and I know a lot of other super strong people that do the exact same thing! monkeys wallpapers, Besides, in the wild it works pretty freaking good! Just look at the Gorilla for example, and ALL the other Primates as well for that matter! Super Tough & Strong on nothing but plants!

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