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this is a live wallpaper of ace of one piece.
Download this ace of one piece live wallpaper for your android phone now.

ace one piece live wallpaper. ace had gestated in the womb of his mother, portgas d. rouge, for five months when his father, gol d. roger, was executed. to protect ace, rouge kept him in her womb for an additional 15 months, giving birth to him on baterilla a year and three months after roger’s death but dying from the exertion immediately afterwards. at the age of 17, ace set out from mt. colubo and began his life as a pirate. less than a year after he started sailing, he was shipwrecked on the east blue island sixis. there, he met a man without a name, and gave the man the pseudonym of masked deuce.

they talked about their families, and when deuce brought up roger, ace’s expression gave away his true heritage. with mixed feelings about ace being roger’s son, deuce left him. several days later, ace was still unsuccessful in getting off sixis, and prepared to eat a fruit, which unbeknownst to him was the mera mera no mi. a starving deuce prepared to kill ace for the fruit, but ace spotted him after hearing his stomach growl, and offered him the fruit. deuce became guilty for his attempted plot and refused, but the two reconciled and formed a partnership. they split the mera mera no mi, but ace consumed it first, gaining its powers. they then worked together to build a ship to escape, building the striker, which ran on ace’s flames. the two set out, forming the spade pirates.

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one piece live wallpaper. ace was placed in the custody of marine vice admiral monkey d. garp, who put him in the care of curly dadan and the dadan family on mt. colubo on dawn island. during his childhood, ace would encounter people who voiced their hatred of roger and any offspring he might have, causing him to feel alone and worthless. once, this led to him nearly beating some of them to death, shocking dadan. when garp came to visit, ace asked if he should have been born at all, and garp replied he could only find that out by living. ace later met sabo on gray terminal, which sabo claimed to be from. the two shared a dream of becoming pirates, and stole money and treasure in preparation for the day they would set off to sea.

ace wallpapers. then one day, teach murdered his crewmate thatch in order to obtain the yami yami no mi devil fruit, which he had had his sights on, and fled. since ace was his commander and the whitebeard pirates live by a code which means they must avenge a fallen comrade, ace would have been sent after the murderer. whitebeard, however, felt apprehensive about the situation and protested, acknowledging that teach may have become too much for the boy to handle with his new powers.

despite this, ace demanded that he go after teach, saying that thatch could not rest in peace if his murderer was not brought to justice, and that teach could not get away with dishonoring his “father”. admiring ace’s dedication to both his captain and his duty, whitebeard allowed his “son” to go, later claiming that it was he who told ace to leave for the sake of ace’s honor. with this, ace began his journey to find blackbeard and finish him off.


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