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this application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of anime girl wallpaper
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anime probably doesn’t rely on its particular tropes and cliches more than any other media or genre, but man, it feels like it. it seems like every show, movie or ova are the same, and the people making them are just following a pre-ordained checklist. anime wallpapers hd. here are some of the most prevalent anime cliches out there. the amount of middle school and high school aged kids who are living without any kind of adult supervision is, frankly, absurd. anime wallpapers hd. are you the protagonist in an action anime, then guess what, you have a terrible eating disorder.

for some reason, being the star in any shonen boys-type manga or show means you like eating all the time, and this is somehow supposed to be hilarious you know what happens when you have a country effectively without adult supervision, high school kids living together in sin and not just regular sin, because invariably one guy will end up living with four or more hot girls, all of whom desperately love want to be with him. anime wallpapers hd. the harem is such a common cliche in anime that it’s actually it’s own genre. there’s one character type that existed before the moe, and will continue forever, the tsundere. these are the bossy, mean female characters who have a soft, romantic inside, they usually give the male protagonists a hard time, anime wallpapers hd, but are secretly infatuated with them. these characters are often physically violent and/or often super-strong, and they often beat the objects of their affection


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