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this is a live wallpaper of colossal titan.
Download this colossal titan live wallpaper fro your android phone now.

now, it’s quite possible that you’ve heard of attack on titan before, especially if you live in japan or america. for some of us in the uk – that is, your humble writer – the manga and anime was something of an unknown quantity until only a few weeks ago. written by hajima isayama, attack on titan began as a manga series in 2009. a huge success, it’s been adapted into an anime series, a light novel, a videogame for the nintendo 3ds, some additional manga series, while a live-action film is being scheduled for release in 2015.

and despite its harsh subject matter, the property’s been popular enough to spawn all kinds of merchandise, from detailed statuettes to mugs and even a pair of slightly ghoulish titan-themed tights. set in a future where humanity has retreated into medieval-looking cities protected by huge, concentric concrete walls, attack on titan introduces three young friends – eren, mikasa and armin who provide a vantage point for isayama’s story. a century earlier, we learn, a race of giants called the titans emerged, and immediately began laying waste to the planet.

download attack on titan live wallpaper from our given resolutions. we have the best collection of anime hd wallpapers. in case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution hd wallpapers which will best fit your screen. titan wallpaper. these titans, which can range from anywhere from three to 60 metres tall, really are a sight to behold. naked, occasionally skinless, and aggressively hungry, they are compelled to catch and consume every human they see – a reference, perhaps, to another famous, disturbing goya painting called saturn devouring his son. what makes the titans additionally threatening is their lack of reason. seemingly driven by no other purpose than to hunt and eat, they appear to have no intellect or society at all; in the anime, they’re occasionally shown shambling around the countryside, twitching involuntarily.

who are they? where did they come from? isayama is in no rush to tell us, and that’s what makes the story so unsettling and engrossing. when a particularly huge titan shatters the defences of the central characters’ home city a couple of episodes into the anime, it establishes the creatures as a truly loathsome menace. it’s an attack which sets central character eren on the path of revenge, and determined to rid the planet of the titans for good. we also have other monster anime ready as lwp for you.

eren wallpapers. overwhelmingly, though, attack on titan has been praised for the strength of its storytelling, and the indelible image of those fleshy, nude titans with their permanent rictus grins a creation at once grotesque and mesmerising. like the colossus in goya’s painting, the titans could symbolise all kinds of things: war, pestilence, a fear of helplessness isayama has said in interviews that attack on titan was partly inspired by feelings of physical inferiority in his youth.

Although all Titans generate enormous amounts of heat and energy when transforming, the colossal titan in attack on titan takes this to the next level. Its users can control the energy produced during their transformation to create various effects. For instance, when Bertolt attacks Trost District his transformation only causes a wind blast that knocks some trainees over the Wall. However, during the Battle of Shiganshina District, Bertolt releases a much larger explosion, creating a mushroom cloud of dust and rubble, ravaging part of the city, and killing a great number of Survey Corps soldiers. Armin Arlert also uses this ability to wipe out most of, if not all of the Marleyan naval fleet present at the Raid on Liberio.

colossal titan is infamous for its incredible size, standing at a previously unseen 60 meters, high enough to peer over the top of the Walls. It also possesses incredible physical strength, able to destroy the outer gate of Wall Maria with a single kick, launch entire houses in the air, and send Eren’s Attack Titan flying from the ground to the top of Wall Maria.  The unique ability possessed by the Colossus Titan appears to be significant control over the amounts of steam emitted by its Titan body. In normal circumstances, Titans emit steam from wounds while regenerating, and their bodies would evaporate completely into steam after receiving a killing blow. The Colossus Titan is capable of emitting great amounts of steam at will. This power can be used for a variety of purposes.

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