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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of autumn anime scenery lwp
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As days grow shorter, the skies at sunset glow with the most spectacular hues, blooming with pinks, reds and oranges. anime girl wallpaper. Why are autumn and winter sunsets more vivid than any other time of the year? First, a lesson in the colors of the rainbow: Blue light has a short wavelength, so it gets scattered easiest by air molecules, such as nitrogen and oxygen. anime girl wallpaper. Longer wavelength lights reds and oranges are not scattered as much by air molecules.

During sunrise and sunset, light from the sun must pass through much more of our atmosphere before reaching our eyes, so it comes into contact with even more molecules in the air. Much of the blue light gets scattered away, making the reds and oranges more pronounced. anime girl wallpaper. During this time of year, weather patterns allow for dry, clean Canadian air to sweep across country, and more colors of the spectrum make it through to our eyes without getting scattered by particles in the air, producing brilliant sunsets and sunrises that can look red, orange, yellow or even pink. In the last few weeks. For the leisure class at both ends of the social spectrum, autumn is the best season for outdoor fun. anime girl wallpaper. Everyone else is back to work after summer vacation. School has started, to-do lists are a mile long, e-mail messages have piled up, and there’s a stack of work to rival the Rock of Gibraltar.


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