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This is live wallpaper of batu caves temple. Download this batu caves temple live wallpaper for your android phone now.

A temple is a structure usually built for the purpose of, and always dedicated to, religious or spiritual activities including prayer, meditation, sacrifice and worship. The templum was a sacred precinct defined by a priest (or augur) as the dwelling place of a god or spiritual gods and the structure built there was created to honor the Deus Loci (spirit) of a certain place. Early temples such as angkor wat, egypt pyramid were constructed on sites which the people felt had a numinous quality to them which indicated the presence of a god, gods, or spirits.

In a dream, one’s temples religious represent two noble and blessed sons. Anything that affects them in the dream will affect one’s sons. Temples in a dream also could mean recovering from an illness. If one is suffering from a migraine headache sees his temples turn into iron in a dream, it means that he will find a cure for his illness. One’s temples in a dream also may be interpreted as money. Plucking out the facial hair from someone’s temples in a dream means borrowing money from him, and the lender will take pride in lending him money. If a rich person sees himself plucking out his facial hair in a dream, it means that he may lose his wealth. If a poor person sees that dream, it means that he will repay his debts.

If you dream of an ancient times it means that you know how to learn from the mistakes you did in the past. There is a knowledge of things you should not do anymore, as this will lead you to unhappiness and unhealthy life. Make sure that from time to time you will think of what you are doing and if it’s the right way of doing it

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Deep inside a lime stone mountain just outside the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, there is a cave. A huge cathedral like cave with walls that stretch almost to the sky, with birds flying high above, and wild monkeys running up its rock faced walls. This is batu caves temple, the most important Hindu temple outside of India, dedicated to Lord Murugan, an Indian deity. It has become a pilgrimage site for not only Malaysian Hindus, but Hindus worldwide from countries such as India, Australia and Singapore.

Of course we had to go check it out while we were in Kuala Lumpur! Once we got off the train (the mountain is located 13 km north of KL), we were met by some huge and colorful Hindu gods. To the left of the entrance is a gigantic (15 meter tall) version of the Hindu god Hanuman, and a temple dedicated to Hanuman. Hanuman was an devotee of Rama according to the Hindu legends. Hanuman participated in Rama’s war against the demon king Ravana, and several texts also present him as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. we had hanuman image ready as live wallpaper for you and also lord shiva images too.

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