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This is a live wallpaper of neuchatel castle.
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stone wallpapers. From early times, people have built protection around them. stones wallpapers people lived in caves and made defences to keep out wild animals. The first cities built had high stone walls to keep out invaders. Kings and nobles fortified their large large homes to protect themselves. Castles were first built in Britain by the Normans from France during the Norman Conquest. stones wallpapers. They appeared sometime after 1066 during the period in history known as the Middle Ages. Castles were built for about a 500 year period of time. They played a big role in the social system called feudalism.

Download Castle Live Wallpaper from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of stones wallpapers. In case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution stones wallpapers which will best fit your screen.

castle wallpaper. The word castle comes from a Latin word meaning “fortress”. From prehistoric times, people have come up with ways to protect the place where they lived. The first castles were made from wood, but eventually they were built from stones wallpapers. It is believed that as many as 1000 Motte and Bailey Castles were built in England by the Normans. These early castles were made of wood. The word “motte” means “cod of earth” and the word “bailey” means “enclosure”. we also have other medieval castle image ready as lwp for you.

kingdom wallpaper. The moat was a ring of water surrounding a neuchatel castle. If someone wanted to get over the moat, the drawbridge would have to be cranked down from inside the castle. A bailey is the enclosed area inside the castle. Baileys helped protect a castle. The most important part of the Motte and Bailey castle was the Keep. kingdom wallpaper. It was built on a huge mound and could be as tall as 80 feet (24 metres). A ditch was dug around the motte and filled with water. The sides of the motte were usually so steep they were impossible to climb. The walls of the stone castles could be as thick as 33 feet. Once the cannon was created, no castles could stand that kind of attack. kingdom wallpaper. The cannon balls could easily destroy the stone walls no matter how thick they were.

Living in Switzerland has been a great experience. As you could see in one of our previous videos, there are many differences between life here and life in the USA. However, one thing that never fails to amaze us is Swiss trust. We came across that beautiful phenomenon once again during our visit of Neuchâtel or as German would say Neuenburg. All over the Switzerland, you will see these little free street libraries. People just put out a few wooden boxes and leave the books they have read for other people to take. It is such an incredible act of kindness, don’t you agree? Well, we thought that was the case in Neuchâtel too, but when we took a closer look, we realized the books had their prices, and we should pay for them inside of the actual library.

So, our girls picked out a few books for themselves, and we entered the building to make a purchase. Surprisingly, there was nobody inside. However, there was a note laying on the table, where librarian should sit, and it said: “If I am not here, just leave the money in this envelope.” Can you imagine coming across something like that in America or anywhere else in the world? Swiss simply believe that you will be fair enough and do as you should. No one thinks you would steal or trick them in any other way. That’s just the way they are; they have faith in humanity. That must be one of the reasons why crime rates in Switzerland are so low. Let us get back to our tour through the neuchatel castle, Switzerland.

Full of colorful houses and astonishing murals, Neuchâtel is located on the north side of the lake of the same name. When you first come to this university town, you might have a feeling that you are in France, because of its elegance and warmth. This should not surprise you, as neuchatel castle was indeed part of the France but as the borders changed through history, it became part of the Switzerland in 1848.

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