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feel and watch the exotic scenery of misty chinese scholar garden on your android screen. this is a scenery live wallpaper featuring an retina wallpapers of exotic and calming scenery of misty chinese garden for scholar complete with its pond and pagoda, perfect to calm your mind. a chinese scholar garden is a place of beauty, serenity and a spiritual connection with nature that provides busy people with much-needed respite from a noisy, stressful world. get this wallpaper garden live and positive backgrounds now. it isn’t difficult to understand the ever-increasing interest in this ancient art form. let’s learn more about how to create a chinese garden of your own.

three major elements of a garden traditionally include, water representing living, constantly changing nature stones indicating stability and strength plants which provide beauty and tranquility, texture and meaning architecture such as pavilions and teahouses provide a place for reflection, conversation and refreshments. this is indeed zen app. chinese gardens that perfect for meditate breathe contain a variety of plants chosen to provide beauty for each season. chinese garden plants may include trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and aquatic plants. bonsai plants are also common.

creating chinese gardens isn’t all that difficult to do. select a space for your garden, then make a sketch of your plans. your garden should be compact, asymmetrical and pleasing to the eye. clear existing vegetation and create a water feature, such as a pond or stream, which is often the focal point of a garden. plant a stand of bamboo, but be sure to steer clear of invasive varieties, which can overtake your carefully planned chinese magic garden. select other plants that will provide color and texture for each season. other features may include shapes that refer to elements in nature, such as a curved walkway.

if possible, provide an architectural element such as an artificial mountain with a pavilion. many zen relax gardens are enclosed by walls. japanese gardens were initially influenced by chinese gardens and both are peaceful, tranquil places to connect with nature. however, the two styles have several differences. gardens are usually designed around an elaborate, decorative building that occupies a relatively large area of the home garden. the buildings are placed above or adjacent to a pond or other body of water. while japanese gardens also contain buildings, the buildings are simple, lack elaborate ornamentation and are often partially or fully hidden from view.

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