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this application is a live wallpaper of taj mahal wallpaper

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the taj mahal of emperor emperor is like no other building, with the possible exception of the parthenon at night, standing alone and viewing the stars through its mighty columns. some call it the most beautiful building on earth, the eighth wonder of the world but without an expert’s guidance, the taj mahal in india can leave visitors cold. even though i am a reluctant singer, i found myself bursting into song and the sound kept echoing onwards and upwards, high into the magnificent interior dome. just being alone in that inner sanctum was a revelation.

time your visit, if possible, for the full moon. now is certainly a good time to go. in fact, the authorities should be congratulated on their conservation efforts not just around the temple itself, but throughout the surrounding region. the taj’s marble minarets have been restored to their original pristine white, and the rest of the temple will be similarly returned to its full stunning glory in the near future. your bonus will be to view the pearly white exterior shrouded in mystery. failing this, sunrise or sunset will reveal how the translucent white marble of the temple dome constantly changes colour as it reflects the fiery sky above. you will need to book in advance, numbers are restricted to 400. the mausoleum is only opened at night on the full moon, and on the two nights before and after this always mysterious event, when the temple takes on an other-worldly glow.

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