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feel and watch venice sightseeing scenery at your android screen. venice small canal is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of narrow venetian canal between old buildings at night, perfect for a short trip to venice sightseeing. i have always been fascinated with venice. i haven’t been there yet but plan to go, it’s on my bucket list. get romantic wallpaper and venice tour now. my main fascination with venice is the canal system, a miraculous civil engineering feat. the city of venice is located in north eastern italy in a lagoon on the adriatic sea.

it is not built on solid ground, but on a cluster of 117 mud islands connected by 177 canals. it dates far back into the roman empire when it was broken up into small villages with houses built on stilts. during the 9th century venice became an important fishing and commerce site. the villages became connected into one government which began building residences and businesses along the canals. this is mood relaxing wallpapers. the world heritage city is built on wood pilings driven 15′ into the clay below.

wood is used for the pilings. when wood is underwater with no oxygen it does not corrode or decay, but rather petrifies and turns into a stone substance. the city is connected by 25 miles of canals which are tributaries of the grand canal which empties into the adriatic sea. the canals function as roads and every form of transportation in the city of venice is on water or on foot. the only land entrance into the city is in the north east portion where there is a railroad connection and car parks.

venezia is europe’s largest urban free car area, remaining the only city in the 21st century entirely without automobiles or trucks. the purpose of the canal system was to avoid flooding and create drainage. despite this system venice still floods. all through the city there are wooden poles which mark the water level. if the water level reaches a certain height then the flood alarm is sounded throughout the city. romance for all. the greatest recorded flood was in 1966. marco polo. since then the population has been on a steady annual decrease. venice is considered a dying city today only propped up by the tourist trade.

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