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us army soldier is an lwp for your phone.
Download this us army soldier live wallpaper for your android phone now.

Download Army Soldier Live Wallpaper from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of hd army wallpaper. In case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution hd army wallpaper which will best fit your screen. this lwp depict a picture of army camouflage wallpaper in the middle of the desert, very dusty and deserted.

army backgrounds. You walk into the recruiter office and eyeball those posters of soldiers with stern faces of quiet dignity and confidence, you lack both. Words like Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage engulf you. hd army wallpaper. Your recruiter, Staff Sergeant Snuffy, a former Ranger, tells you about the Army life, benefits, and brotherhood. army camouflage wallpaper. Then with a wink and smirk, tells your scrawny, most likely pimply faced self, that chicks love men in uniform. You want that Army groupie loving.

hd army wallpaper. You do the research and know that it’s going to be physically tough and you may be blown up by an IED in Afghanistan but, that’s part of the job you smugly tell yourself. army camouflage wallpaper. You’re going to be part of the brotherhood of arms! You go off to Basic Combat Training where you will get destroyed by your Drill Sergeant; little did you know there are other things you didn’t think about.

army camouflage wallpaper. The us army soldier has a disproportionate amount of bases in the midwest and dirty south. Why? Army bases require a lot of land to operate and accommodate its soldiers, equipment, buildings, and training areas. Land costs money. Uncle Sam doesn’t believe in paying premium for land in places where soldiers actually want to live and have some semblance of happiness. army camouflage wallpaper. Being happy and content is not what the us army soldier values in its soldiers, it values getting the most out of them at the cheapest possible price. Most of these local communities economy are highly dependent on the their respective military base. we also have marine corps usa image ready as lwp for you.

A career in the armed forces is demanding given the high operational tempo and wide spectrum of mission requirements. Service members must maintain a high level of physical readiness to meet the operational demands. Although service members are a diverse cohort, those with the same military occupational specialty are required to complete similar training and operational tasks despite differences in age and years of military service.

Changes in aerobic fitness because of age have been well documented in the civilian population. As age increases, maximum heart rate decreases, reducing maximum cardiac output during exercise. The resulting decline in maximal oxygen consumption9,11,14 is nonlinear,15,16 with an accelerated deterioration after 45 to 50 years old. Power and strength decreases are also nonlinear, with power decreasing by 3% per decade from ages 24 to 50 and a 7% decline per decade from ages 50 to 74.20 Brown, et al14 measured a watt per kilogram decline per year when exercising at maximum aerobic capacity, demonstrating the decline in power produced at maximal effort as age increases.

Ageing results in decreased in cardiorespiratory fitness and increased body fat, and these deficits are of particular concern to service members in physically demanding military occupational specialty that are compounded by other external factors. The weight added by basic protective equipment alone is enough to decrease maximum aerobic capacity by 50% and increase overall caloric expenditure by 20%. Previous research has also found decreased aerobic fitness after deployment and decreased anaerobic power after as little as 72 hours of sustained operational training. Deployment has been associated with increased body mass, fat mass, and percentage of body fat, with small strength gains as Soldiers self-select strength exercises more frequently than aerobic conditioning. Although these changes because of deployment and training are relatively small, they may be amplified by age-related physiological changes. If there is insufficient dwell time to rest, recover, and retrain between deployments and sustained operational training, these effects may become permanent.

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