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In my opinion, one of the most challenging jobs is that of the scout sniper. marine sniper wallpaper. It takes a special breed of warrior to hunt the enemy like big game. In the US Marines, every battalion has a platoon of scout snipers. Some people have said that the Geneva Convention states that snipers are a violation of the Rules of War, however I have been unable to find it. Regardless, there is not a single (decent) military that does not employ them. Snipers are very highly trained individuals and can be critical to the success and failure of a mission.

Snipers do not just shoot at enemy targets using pinpoint rifle fire from some location in the jungle, that is just the movies. A sniper’s most important skill is observation, the next most important skill is stealth and THEN marksmanship and everybody knows a sniper has to be an excellent shot so he must be even better at the other two skills! When properly deployed, snipers work in two man teams. marine sniper wallpaper. One is equipped with the sniper rifle and the other one is equipped with a weapon (either a SAW or assault rifle with a grenade launcher), a spotter scope and a radio. The sniper may also have another weapon in addition to his sniper rifle.

The radio, not the sniper rifle, is the most dangerous weapon they have. With a radio those two snipers could lay waste to an entire division by calling in artillery, close air support, mortars, ect. Scout snipers also provide valuable information to the commanding officer. marine sniper wallpaper. Sniping is what snipers usually enjoy most though and they can be very effective. In most situations a sniper, even if he is a bad shot, can have a profound effect on the morale of a unit. Each man begins to feel that someone out there is taking aim at him and getting ready to pull the trigger at any time. marine sniper wallpaper. This can be nerve racking to say the least!

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