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Cigar smoking soldiers is an lwp for your phone.
Download this cigar smoking soldiers live wallpaper for  your android phone now.

army wallpapers. An infantry soldier is trained in combat skills and arms within an armed service, and forms the backbone of any modern military capability. Soldiers see service in all types of roles throughout the world, cool army wallpapers, in peacetime, peacekeeping and warlike activities. The job is physically demanding and often involves operating within high-stress and dangerous environments. Download Soldier Live Wallpaper from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of cool army wallpapers. Incase you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution cool army wallpapers which will best fit your screen. This lwp depict a picture of cool army wearing a sunglasses while smoking cigar live wallpaper, very bad ass.

live army wallpaper. Serving in the armed forces can be a challenging, exciting and rewarding career. While it may not be for everyone, serving as an infantry soldier will provide an experience unequalled in civilian employment. live army wallpaper. With a career such as this, it is worthwhile to do some research and check with serving or ex-serving members to gain a better understanding of the role, its commitment, and the risks involved.

soldiers wallpapers. Infantry soldiers are trained to engage and neutralize enemy combatants in international armed conflicts, or as peacekeepers in international interventions. live army wallpaper. In times of peace, a soldier will spend their career honing their skills in training. When deployed, a soldier’s duties may be to patrol areas for security or to seek out enemy combatants, post guard duty, conduct military attacks and defence, as well as escort and engage in protective duties. live army wallpaper. A soldier will often carry specialized equipment and dress, such as their country’s uniform, weapons, protective clothing/armour, and other gear pertinent to the task or degree of physical risk.

The U.S. military has a culture of tobacco use with cigar smoking soldiers, which decades of tobacco industry targeting has helped create and support. This culture has driven smoking rates to be significantly higher among service members than the rest of the population and impaired military readiness. In 2011, the most recent year data are available, 24 percent of military personnel smoked, compared with 19 percent of the civilian population who smoked at that time. Of all branches of the military, members of the cigar smoking soldiers marine corps reported the highest percentage of smokers (30.8 percent), followed by the Army (26.7 percent), Navy (24.4 percent), Coast Guard (19.9 percent) and the Air Force (16.7 percent), which has the lowest percentage of smokers. we also have girl smoking image ready as lwp for you.

Twenty-five percent of men and 17.8 percent of women in the military were smokers in 2011. There is an inverse relationship between smoking in the military and pay grade; the lowest paid military personnel had a much higher smoking prevalence than the highest paid officers. In a survey, 19.5 percent of military personnel reported using smokeless tobacco. The Marine Corps reported the highest rate of smokeless tobacco use (31.9 percent), compared with those in the Army (20.8 percent), Coast Guard (19.6 percent), Navy (16.9 percent) and Air Force (13.3 percent). Among military members, males, whites, non-Hispanics and those with a high school education or less had higher percentages of heavy smokers compared with females, other racial/ethnic groups and personnel with some college or more education.

The risk of starting to smoke for military members is nearly twice as likely among males and those ages 18 to 29, compared with females and adults aged over 45. Studies indicate that military recruits are particularly vulnerable to smoking initiation and that smoking rates increase between recruitment and active duty. A 2016 Department of Defense study found that 38 percent of current smokers in the military began smoking after joining. Among junior enlisted personnel, about 30 percent report current cigarette smoking after joining the military.

Military deployment is associated with starting to smoke and, more strongly, with continuing to smoke, particularly among those with prolonged deployments, multiple deployments or combat exposures. A 2011 study of U.S. military members by the Department of Defense found that combat exposure significantly increases smoking initiation. Nonsmokers had 60 percent higher odds of starting to smoke after deployment and past smokers had 30 percent higher odds of resuming smoking after deployment, compared with nonsmokers and past smokers who had not seen combat.

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