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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of tank painting live wallpaper
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What is the role of tanks in warfare today? 70 years ago today the Russian sky over the city of Kursk was lit up by a blaze of explosions. army tank live wallpaper. Soldiers recalled later how the earth shook with the ensuing bombardment that was unleashed. Then, as dawn broke on the 5th July 1943, the first waves of a German panzer battalion began their push across the sun kissed fields sunflowers and wheat. army tank live wallpaper. the greatest tank battle in history had begun. Over the next week the Battle of Kursk was to pit almost 3,000 German tanks against more than double that number of Soviet heavy armour. Months later, in France, Allied air superiority meant German panzer divisions had to hide in the forests during daylight hours. Without control of the skies, the tank like the battleship, was a sitting duck.

But tank offensives are best suited to flat areas like desert, plain or steppe. The jungles of Vietnam or the mountains of Afghanistan revealed the tank for its weaknesses. There, instead, the helicopter proved its use. army tank live wallpaper. So much so that in the 1980s, the MoD reportedly commissioned a paper considering whether the UK should replace its tanks with helicopters altogether. Today the modern day tank is a much more powerful beast than it was 70 years ago. Day and night vision equipment gives modern tanks a big advantage over their WWII equivalents. A Tiger tank’s powerful gun could finish off one of today’s light armoured vehicles. But it would be impotent against a modern battle tank. army tank live wallpaper. The continued purchase and use of the tank in different conflict zones raises powerful ethical issues. AOAV research has demonstrated that as many as 90% of victims following the use of explosive weapons in urban areas are civilians. Tanks play their role in this terrible figure.

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