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This is a live wallpaper of baby blue eyes.
Download this baby blue eyes live wallpaper for your android phone now.

Scientists believe that every person with blue eyes shares a common ancestor. baby girls wallpapers. This eye color first originated somewhere between 6-10 thousand years ago as a result of a genetic mutation. The mutated gene interferes with the body’s ability to produce melanin in the iris of the eye. Melanin is a pigment that provides color to the eye, skin and hair. Since less melanin is produced, eye color manifests as a blue. This mutation affects only the iris of the eye and does not stop melanin production, only reduces it.

Interestingly there are no blue pigments in the eye. as well as green and hazel eyes, appear a certain color because of a principle known as Rayleigh Scattering, which is the reason the sky appears blue, baby girl, even though it isn’t actually that color. Lighter eye colors, like blue eyes, are largely affected by the colors and light around them. The appearance of the eyes can vary from moment to moment. we also have other baby blue eyes ready as lwp.

Download Blue Eyes Live Wallpaper from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of baby girls wallpapers. In case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution baby girls wallpapers which will best fit your screen. This lwp feature a cute blonde kid girl with an enchanting blue eyes and puffy cheek, what a cute childhood with a glowing blue eye.

Blue eyes can be found in many countries throughout the world, but are more common in Northern Europe and near the Baltic Sea in countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway. baby girl. In areas where blue eye are predominant, 80% of the population or more may carry this eye color. Blue eyes can also be found in Western Asia and in the Jewish population in Israel. In the United States blue eye are becoming increasingly rare.

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