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this application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of child wallpapers
set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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my three-year-old keeps asking me why about everything. why is the sky blue, why are there clouds, why can’t i go outside why do i have to be nice, sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter what the answer is, he’s never satisfied. and i m exasperated. how do i handle his questions

we’re frustrated for two reasons. often we don’t know the real answers to the innocent questions they ask, kids picture backgrounds, but even when we do, our answers don’t slow the pace of their relentless questions. that’s because we’ve misunderstood their language and think that when they ask why they mean the same thing we mean when we ask why. our cause-and-effect answers miss the mark, and so they fail to satisfy. i’ll give you the key to unlock their language so you can answer the real question behind their many, many whys. then both of you can revel in the joy of your communication.

when your son was born, his only method of communication was to cry. kids picture backgrounds. he used the same sound to mean, myriad of other things he was experiencing, feeling, and thinking. an amazing thing happened you began to intuitively know what his cries meant, and he began to use slightly different cries to express different needs and desires. your dance was clumsy at first, but in a brief time the two of you developed your very own language, kids picture backgrounds, gliding across the verbal dance floor with style and grace.

they begin to ask, why mommy. i’ve found that, when i try to answer children at this stage of development with the reason for something, they are left cold. after conversing with thousands of children, i’ve decided that what they really mean is, that’s interesting to me. let’s talk about that together. tell me more, please, when i’ve connected with children and begun to spin a tale to answer this question, they’ve sat enthralled. there was no need to mention because, or therefore, or cause, or effect. kids picture backgrounds. they don’t need to know why, all they need is animated attention and me saying whatever came to mind about that subject. after a brief interchange, we were both happy. let me give you an example.

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