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Eye contact with babies how important is it? Let’s examine some of these ideas. baby wallpaper hd. Do babies see well when very young, and do they spend time in mutual gaze with their caregivers? Newborn babies have vision, but it still has to develop for quite a while before it’s as good as an older child’s. Newborns (infants in the first month of life) can only see clearly at certain limited distances. They are well adapted to looking at a face from about 10-18 inches from their eyes, which would be a typical distance if an adult held the baby in his or her arms. baby wallpaper hd. Babies are more interested in some things they can look at than in others. They like things that are shiny, that move around, and that have patterns rather than just a blank surface. Of course, this set of characteristics describes human eyes they are moist and reflect light, they move as we examine something we’re looking at, and they have white, colored, and dark parts, as well as eyelashes and lids that move.

So, babies with normal vision do look at eyes when they get a chance. What this means to the baby, we can’t tell, but it is very exciting and gratifying for the adult when “eye contact” is made. A curious thing about young babies’ eye contact is that blind babies do it too. How? They listen to the adult voice, then move their gaze so they are “looking” in the right direction. baby wallpaper hd. It appears to the adult that the baby is looking at him or her, and the adult may not even realize that the baby can’t see. As babies get a few months older, they can see better, and they also begin to use their eyes in a way that gives signals to an adult. For example, suppose you are playing with a baby and the baby gets tired, or maybe you have just come on a little too strong and been too stimulating. baby wallpaper hd. The baby turns the gaze away from your face, gets quiet for a moment, and just withdraws to have a little rest.


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