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Hawaii is the most awesome place I’ve ever lived. I stayed for five years on Oahu and just over a year on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Hawaii is still part of the United States of America, yet you might question it as your plane touches down and you step out into the airport. tropical paradise wallpaper. Caucasians are a minority. A tiny minority. Japanese and Filipinos are in much greater numbers. But there are people from across the globe living here Temperatures are ideal. It is never too hot – over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, nor is it ever colder than starting your breath to fog.

Almost constant “trade winds” that keep fresh air blowing in across the island to dispurse whatever pollution might have come from the vehicles. The Hawaiian Islands are surrounded by deep blue, powerful ocean. tropical paradise wallpaper. The color is unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere. There is a real power to the ocean here – it’s awesome in it’s power, it’s constant movement. Awesome things to do. Shopping and then walking and also picnics, sightseeing, visiting attractions like the volcanoes and historical sights like Pearl Harbor.

Surfing , swimming, and then sailing not to forget diving, etc are all fun activities available if you’re bored. Climbing / hiking. There are over twelve mountain ridge hikes on Oahu alone. Peaks over 4,000 feet high are available on Oahu. tropical paradise wallpaper. On Maui you can climb Haleakala volcano up over 10,000 feet if you were really inspired. Hawaii is so diverse. The people, the food, the things to do, the cultures, the way of life, the whole atmosphere is different from anything you’ve ever experienced. If you want to do sales, answering phones, or working in the hotel industry and have experience you’ll find a job quickly. If you sell condominiums or time-share and want to make your mark in Maui or one of the other islands -there is ample opportunity to do so.

There are lots of aging people on Oahu and the other islands. They need in-home care, but not necessarily nurses. tropical paradise wallpaper. There are many live-in opportunities for those that want to trade some hours of taking care of a person in need in exchange for a room and sometimes food. There are also plenty of counseling jobs and jobs working with veterans or those that need mental health services. Plenty of jobs have openings througout the year. That doesn’t mean you’ll find one in three days, but in three months, sure, you should be able to find one.


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