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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of live wallpaper palm tree
Set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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Palms are a member of the evergreen group. Why? They don’t lose their leaves in any particular season. When you think about evergreen, does pine or cypress come to mind? You are probably used to “evergreen” being any kind of pine tree. beach relaxing. If you think about it does make perfect sense. All palms prefer in either tropical, sub-tropical or desert climates. Lets look at their leaves for a minute. There is a huge variety of sizes, shapes and textures. They are either shaped like a feather or like a fan with a few variations and exceptions. beach relaxing. The leaves on coconut palms are huge. They must be at least 6-9 feet long, and when one decides to fall, it makes a ton of noise. Falling coconuts are bad enough. Royal Palm, Other families of trees have branches and then leaves. The palm varieties don’t really have branches; It’s like their leaves are the branches.

The coconut tree is a great example of seeds a palm tree produces. beach relaxing. You would think of it as fruit and not a seed, but if you took a coconut to the edge of the beach and planted it, a new tree would soon start to grow. Water Coconuts, Some friends did exactly that in Barbados. When they first bought their vacation home there weren’t any palm trees by the beach at all. Over a couple of years they grabbed some fallen coconuts from around the area and planted them. Unlike the pines and maples, the palm tree has roots that aren’t very deep. They don’t spread very far until they are quite old and large. Some never do get big root balls making them some kinds easy to move even when they are full grown. beach relaxing. A great favorite is the royal palm its roots won’t punch through concrete to damage sidewalks or roadways. Communities in the Caribbean use them often to line the streets.

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