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Why some adults like to watch cartoons, Now what if you got the chance to travel to a parallel world that has none of these remainders? A parallel world where no one could get harmed and where no problems similar to yours exist forever. sweet cartoon wallpaper. People watch cartoons because the experience sends their minds to this parallel world. In other words the person escapes from reality as long as he is watching a cartoon movie and as a result he feels good for a while. Movies does the same thing to the mind, They allow it to escape to a parallel world that helps it forget its problems but because movies seem more realistic than cartoons then can actually end up making a person feel worse. (see also Why do some people like horror movies)

Add to this the amount of stress certain movies put you in and you will get why some people prefer sweet cartoon wallpaper. In other words, cartoons provide people with a safer parallel world to travel to with a much less amount of stress. In addition to this cartoons can help people who feel nostalgic feel better since it usually reminds them of their good childhood days. People usually don’t like the cartoons they used to watch during bad times in their childhood and they only like the ones they used to watch at good times. In other words sweet cartoon wallpaper don’t just let people escape to a parallel world but it helps them to escape to the sweet past as well. Watching cartoons is one form of healthy escapement a person can use to relief stress and feel better. In the book The ultimate guide to break any bad habit i said that some people use unhealthy escapement mechanisms such as drug or alcohol abuse in order to regulate their moods.

There is no problem at all in escaping from your problems as long as 1) you escape for a short period of time in order to relax your mind (by watching a movie for example) 2) you escape using a healthy method such as hanging out with a friend or watching cartoons. sweet cartoon wallpaper. To summarize this all, its totally OK for an adult to watch cartoons.

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