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Halloween is one of the few times of year where we’re encouraged to play with our food or at least it’s food to those who enjoy eating pumpkin. But how did pumpkins become so strongly associated with Halloween? And why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween? scary wallpapers and backgrounds, Pumpkins are tied to Halloween largely because they’ve long been associated with the fall. scary wallpapers and backgrounds. The orange, pulpy fruit has long been used for soups, pies and other pastries. Given the excess of these gourds this time of year, they make a natural addition to Halloween.

As to why we carve jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, it all starts with the legend of Stingy Jack, which dates back to the 17th century, according to the Irish Central. According to legend, which has different variations depending on who’s telling the story, a drunkard known as Stingy Jack asked the devil to have a drink, an offer that was accepted. After the two knocked back a few, the bill came, but neither wanted to pick up the tab. scary wallpapers and backgrounds. Jack suggested the devil turn into a coin, to which the devil agreed. Jack pocketed the coin instead beside a cross, trapping the devil in his pocket.

He only agreed to the devil under the condition that Jack wouldn’t be bothered for a year. One year later, Jack again tricked the devil into climbing an apple tree for a piece of fruit, trapping the devil in its branches by carving a cross in the tree trunk. Jack only let the devil come down if the devil swore not to take Jack to hell. When Jack finally died, he was unwelcome in heaven, but he also was refused a place in Hell. scary wallpapers and backgrounds. Instead, the devil gave him a turnip the pumpkin is native to North America after all with a piece of burning coal inside to light the way as Jack wanders through purgatory.

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