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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of crazy clown wallpaper
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There is something both exciting and unnerving about the jester, the manic prankster, the self-effacing fool. scary clowns live wallpaper. The art of clowning is about exaggerating foibles and exposing some of the absurdities about being human. scary clowns live wallpaper. The cartoonish white makeup with large, red features that Joseph Grimaldi introduced to the world in the 1800s makes every expression a performance. This serves two purposes: to make expressions easy to see in a large crowd, and to make the expressions themselves an absurd subject to play with and manipulate. The artifice of a show smile is amplified with clown makeup, making even positive expressions seem untrustworthy, while the sad expressions droop more and seem more pathetic.

There is even a theory that children can become wary of clowns because of their “uncanniness,” i.e. they resemble familiar, “safe,” people, but the makeup and exaggerated expressions make them seem alien enough to be unsettling. scary clowns live wallpaper. There’s a reason some of the most terrifying imaginings of aliens are humanlike with huge, black almond eyes, extremely small mouths, and emaciated bodies. The slight familiarity of these humanoid “aliens,” is more terrifying than things that look unlike anything we’ve ever seen. scary clowns live wallpaper. We become dizzy with the dueling emotions of attraction and revulsion to the uncanny

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