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This application is creepy forest.
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Fear of Forests at Night Phobia Nyctohylophobia For some people, forests are fearful places that can seem even scarier at night time. The excessive, often irrational fear of forests at night or dark wooded areas is referred to as Nyctohylophobia. nature forest wallpaper. The word originates from ‘Nycto’ which is Greek for night, and ‘Hylo’ which is Greek for forests. nature forest wallpaper. Together these words are combined with Phobos which is the Greek word for dread or deep aversion. The phobia closely relates to Hylophobia, which is the fear of forests, irrespective of day or night.

Many people are afraid of forests. According to a survey conducted by Harris (Taylor 1999), nearly 18% people admitted to the fear of dark wooded areas while 41% reported that they would not want to venture alone or spend a night in a forest. nature forest wallpaper. To an extent, the fear of forests at night is also more common in women than in men. Downloads creepy forest wallpaper from our store page. We have the best collection of creepy forest wallpaper. You can also download other live wallpaper in case you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, we had a vast lwp collection.

While this phobia might not affect one’s day to day life, especially if the sufferer is staying in a busy city area, just the thought or sight of dark wooded areas (seen on TV, movies etc) can trigger a major panic attack in the sufferer. Forests and dark wooded areas are unknown territories. nature forest wallpaper. The early European and British settlers often encountered hostile Indians and wild animals in forests, which were also associated with diseases such as Malaria. It was believed that humans who ventured into these dark wooded areas were more prone to getting sick and dying. Because of such fear, there was large scale cutting down of trees to clear the land up. we also have other dark forest ready as lwp for you.

Hylophobia is described as the fear of the woods or forests. It is derived from the Greek terms “hylo” meaning “forests” and “phobos” meaning “fear.” It is classified as a specific phobia. Many factors can trigger a person to have Hylophobia. Massivephobia.com states that these include: Trauma Since Hylophobia is considered a specific or isolated phobia, it focuses more on non-social factors. It may be linked to negative past experiences such as childhood trauma, such as being injured by their source of fear. In this case, they may have had experienced being scarred by branches of trees or may have been attacked by a forest animal at a young age.

Fear of the unknown The thought of being in a creepy forest and not knowing what will happen can make them apprehensive, especially at night where it may appear frightening. In a dimly lit environment, the branches of trees can project terrifying images. Seeing the shadows of moving leaves or hearing the sound of swaying branches may scare them since this kind of setting is often portrayed in horror movies and Halloween references.

Manner of upbringing If parents have been warning them as a child to keep away from creepy forest, it may cause them to develop this kind of phobia. Due to the constant reminder that it may pose as a threat to them, they may perceive the forest as a dangerous place. Hereditary and genetic factors Specific phobias like Hylophobia may be connected to one’s genetics or some hereditary factors. For example, if they are related to family members whose fight or flight response is easily activated, they may also inherit this trait. External Experiences and reports Being able to see a family member or a friend who suffers from Hylophobia may cause their phobia to grow even worse.

Being exposed to their fear indirectly may also make them even more afraid of forests. These indirect exposures may be from overhearing other people converse about this phobia or watching other people get affected by it on the news or in the movies. Similar to most phobias, Hylophobia has developed as part of a person’s subconscious overprotective mechanism. This may have been triggered by emotional problems they have experienced that have been left unresolved.

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