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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of evil clown wallpaper
Set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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Clowns wear makeup not because it looks funny and makes the audience laugh, one of the main reasons that clowning makeup is effective is that it helps to show a clowns personality and individuality. evil clown backgrounds. For example if has a brightly coloured face the clown will most likely have a happy, bright and mischievous personality, the brightly coloured face helps to convey the clowns individual personality and stand out from the rest of the clowns and define each clown by matching the clowns style with the right kind and style of makeup.

Another good example is the hobo clown, the hobo clown often has a sad/frowning face and this is because the hobo clown is often unhappy in its situation, so in this situation it really helps to enhance what the clown is trying to show. The second reason using clowning makeup is effective is of course to make the audience laugh by over enhancing facial features. evil clown backgrounds. For example the Auguste clown has a flesh coloured face but the makeup surrounding the eyes and mouth is very exaggerated to make the faces own natural features look funny and comedic which helps to enhance the funniness of the clowns play/skit.

Clown is interpreted partially as repressed insecurity, inhibitions and feeling of inferiority which lead to the fact that you can make others jesters or even do this at the moment; you must work, partly with the help of a psychotherapist if you unable to cope with psychological disturbance with your own force. evil clown backgrounds. The clown maybe express, that you deviates from the standards and maybe, you even been mocked. Also, it may be that the clown appears as a sign that the dreamer tries to hide his true self behind a mask, to pretend someone to his environment. evil clown backgrounds. If we want to interpret closer you must pay attention to the actions of the clown

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