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Burg Frankenstein (Frankenstein Castle) is a little ruined remain, about 30km south of Frankfurt, Germany. It’s an easy afternoon’s trip from Germany’s second city if you’ve got your own transport. Frankenstein Castle certainly isn’t the biggest or most interesting castle in Germany, but it’s possible that Mary Shelley found the inspiration for her gothic novel, Frankenstein, from these ruins. Whether this is true or not, scary monster wallpaper, the castle was certainly home to an eccentric scientist, Konrad Dippel – responsible for hair-raising experiments with animals and human body-parts.

Frankenstein Castle is a fairly subdued and peaceable spot for around 364 days of the year, but it comes to life (or should that be, resurrects itself from the dead?!) once a year, for a huge and frankly terrifying Halloween Festival, every October 31st. The word ‘frankenstein’, rather prosaically, means ‘the stone of the Franks’ – the name of the family who laid claim to the land. scary monster wallpaper. The castle was probably built a little before 1252 (the year of the first historical record) and remained in the Frankenstein family for around 400 years give or take some squabbles between two sides of the family.

The terrifying creature finds Frankenstein and demands he creates it a female mate or it will be doomed to exist alone, cast off from society. scary monster wallpaper. Frankenstein is drawn to take responsibility for the life he’s created, and the fates of both Frankenstein and his horrifying creation become gruesomely intertwined. John Konrad Dippel is, nowadays, thought of as the archetypal mad-scientist, and as the inspiration behind Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Dippel was born in August 1673 inside Frankenstein Castle. scary monster wallpaper. A natural loner, he busied himself studying science, alongside theology, alchemy, and also mysticism.


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