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this application is a live wallpaper of scary clown live wallpaper

set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone. downloads scary clown live wallpaper from our store page. we have the best collection of crazy clown wallpaper. you can also download other live wallpaper in case you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, we had a vast lwp collection for your smart phone so, check the breathtaking image for your smartphone background, and you will fall in love with your mobile phone again because of crazy clown wallpaper. enjoy scary wallpapers. this app contain clown face and face mask picture.

it’s misleading to ask when clowns turned bad, for they were never really good. devils both the lusty thickheads and the sharp, clever deceivers are always clowns. the evil clown character may have flourished and found new fame over the past few decades, but there is nothing new about it. as our cursory review of early clown history reveals, a dark side had always lurked just below their caricatured features and painted smiles. clowns and jesters have always been strikingly ambiguous psychotic characters, neither clear heroes nor villains, but either or both at different times as suits their murky purposes. go get this creepy clown or clown photos now. while most clowns are generally delightful not terrifying, it’s no hardship to locate a red-nosed, deviant threatening to do you harm, lets look back at the unnatural history of evil clowns nightmare.

clowns may be scary to many people, but they are not inherently threatening the way a coiled rattlesnake or knife wielding killer clown is. it can be cute and funny at the time, though we may not want to be around when this hobo decides to stop acting. what a dark wallpapers indeed. most of us (the adults anyway) understand that the clown is an act a fake and fantastical persona adopted for a short time as part of a social event. the fear of clowns stems from a latent, potential harm, a suspicion that the seemingly silly and harmless pratfalling fool before us may in fact not be so silly, so foolish, or so harmless.

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